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Do I need a GPS watch?

Do I need a GPS watch?

We’ve all shared with our friends how cool our GPS is in our car, how we’ve picked our favorite voices and vehicle icon and how we’ve all named them (mine’s Emily!).  And we’re still amazed that they can help us find that great little Chinese restaurant that’s tucked in that downtown side street.  But now there are these GPS watches.              

So, what’s up with these you may ask?  Well, I’ll tell you.  Whether you’re looking to maximize the efficiency of your workouts or runs, looking for a convenient and accurate way to check yardages on the golf course, insure you find your way out of the woods (or off the lake) or help you keep an eye on your kids even when you can’t see them, a watch with GPS functions may be just what you need.

GPS Sports Watch:

Probably the first type of GPS watches to find mass appeal is the athletic or fitness watch.  This little goodie is perfect for a variety of different sports and outdoor activities, especially those where tracking your speed and movement is of some value.  These “runners’” or “running” watches are a sports watch and a distance tracker that also shows your current speed.

Being able to keep track of your pace can also be extremely advantageous in a sport like running or cycling where speed is of the essence.  Also important is knowing the overall distance you have covered in the course of a workout and a GPS running watch can tell you just that.  Many GPS sport watches have a number of features that can help you keep track of your total work out and even the number of doughnuts (calories) you worked off!


But runners aren’t the only ones who can reap the benefits of GPS.  Some GPS navigation watches have features that can guide you to local landmarks, help you find your way back to your starting point if you get off course or to an indicated marker you set along your travels.  Some GPS wrist devices also have maps with slightly larger viewing areas to better see the details.  GPS can also tell you the direction you are facing while moving and direct you to a ‘signpost’ along the way.


Then, once home, you can download your tracking data on to your PC or laptop for reviewing in more detail with a traditional mapping software application.  And, the reverse action can be done on your PC by making a set of markers and coordinates (like cyber Reece’s pieces) on a map and then transferred into the watch.  Pretty nifty.

If you want features like a good ‘old fashioned’ compass, thermometer or barometer, there are plenty of outdoors or navigations watches that provide that, too.  Throw in a barometric altimeter for elevation info and you’re all set.


Turn those bogeys into pars…or better by knowing yardages on the golf course with a ‘handy’ GPS golf watch.  These new ‘bogey busters’ (like the Garmin Approach S1) display precise yardages to the front, back and middle of greens and come preloaded with thousands of courses so you don’t need any subscriptions or downloads.  Just pick the course you want and hit the links.

With the Garmin Approach S1 you can measure individual shot distances, track how far you walk on the course, and even use the alarm to make sure you don’t miss that early tee time. During the course of play, Approach S1 displays the hole from where you are on the golf course, so your golf watch calculates the angle and distance to your target.  It’s like having a caddy on hand!

And, it’s pretty sharp style is as impressive in the office as on the course.

As Garmin says, “The Garmin Approach S1 GPS Golf Watch is golf’s first full-featured sports watch and golf GPS system in one.”


Being a parent, nothing is more valuable than a child’s well being and safety.  Certainly no cost is too extreme to keep an eye on your kid especially when you can do it even when you can’t see them.  That’s why the new GPS Watch Child Location devices are quite a God send especially ones like the Brickhouse GPS Child Locater, the LoK8r the Wherify and others.

The GPS Child Locator Watches are different from other GPS locator devices because the GPS Child Locator watch and your child are always one.  While other devices may be placed in a child’s backpack or on their coat or sweater, the unique GPS locator watches cannot be removed by the child or an unauthorized person.  If this DOES happen and the GPS Child Locator watch is removed or tampered with an alert is sent to your cell phone and email.  Although this won’t prevent an unwanted incident, it can be invaluable in tracking a lost or errant child.

How the GPS Child Locator Works…

While there are a number of solid choices when it comes to GPS Child Locater watches (like the Brickhouse GPS Child Locater, the LoK8r the Wherify and others) they work very similarly.   Simply place the watch on the child you wish to protect. When you wish to locate your child via the internet you go to the secure web site, log in using your subscription service which is required by all providers, select the watch (or child) you wish to locate, and within minutes the system will determine the position of the GPS Personal Locator Watch.

Once located, you can view the location on a detailed street map (including the nearest street) or view location on an actual aerial photograph. Or you can call the toll-free number to have a representative search for you (again, depending on provider).

Depending on the manufacturer you will most likely need to subscribe to a network connection service which will allow you to not only use the Personal Locator Watch to locate your children, but they usually come with another life-saving feature. If your children are feeling threatened or are in danger, they can call for help by pressing down two buttons for 3 seconds! The call for help is sent to the emergency response center for immediate action.

Imagine the peace of mind you’ll have knowing that your child can easily and quickly alert authorities and they can use the GPS watch to find and assist them in minutes.

Personal GPS units for kids are not cheap and the smaller the device the higher the price. But is any price to high when considering the safety and well being of your child?  In today’s world it’s impossible to be TOO safe and these GPS Child Locater Watches can sure help give us parents some much needed peace of mind.

So there you have a quick, well maybe not so quick, recap of some of the most popular GPS Watch features and benefits for everyone from the serious fitness enthusiast, hunters and hikers, the Sunday duffer and caring parents.  Whatever you may be, you can find a GPS Watch to fit your interest and wallet.

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