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Garmin 110 GPS Running Watch Review

Garmin 110 GPS Running Watch Review

The Garmin 110 is the latest in Garmin’s industry leading GPS sports watches. It combines the best features of its big brother the 405 with the price tag of a non GPS sports watch to give you great value for money and amazing functionality.

Garmin 110 Features:

The Garmin 110 has the following features:

Lap Pace (average, last lap, current lap)
Speed (average, last lap, current lap)
Distance (total, current lap, last lap)
Calories burned
Heart Rate Monitor
Time (total, last lap, current lap)
Gamin connect functionality

Garmin 110 Training Statistics

The Garmin 110 has a wide range of useful training statistics that is records and displays on the watch in real time. it uses up to 11 gps satellites to pinpoint your location to within  metres and used this to calculate your distance, pace and speed as well as tracking your route so that you can view where you ran on Garmin’s patented Garmin Connect online portal after your run.

The Garmin 110 also comes with the same heart rate monitor as the 405 and 305 so you can keep track of how hard you are working during your runs and target your training accordingly. Unlike the 405 and the 305 however, the 110 used this heart rate data to calculate the amount of calories you are burning much more accurately than any of the other watches on the market from Garmin at the moment.

Once you have finished your run, you can connect your watch up to your PC, Mac or Laptop and upload all of your training data to Garmin’s My Connect portal. This allows you to disect your run in almost every ay possible as you can see things like how fast you were running and how many calories you were burning at any point in your run. You can also then share your run using the online community at Garmin or embed your latest run in a social media site like Facebook or even embed it in your blog posts.

Garmin 110 Look and Feel

The 110 is much lighter than previous models and so is suited to even the smallest wrists.

The watch is also rain resistant which is what you would expect from a sports watch, but I have also accidentally swam in on for 50m and it was still in fully working order when I jumped out of the pool in horror after one length!

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