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Garmin Forerunner 405 Review

Garmin Forerunner 405 Review

This brand of sports gear makers has now victoriously come out with the first ever GPS sports watch with the feature of a Global Positioning System instilled in it. The watch which is so stylish in looks does not compromise on the quality. The quality like before is maintained to its standards. Similar to the features of watches which are sold by other brands, the Garmin Forerunner 405 keeps track of the distance, timing, speed range (exact speed also), areas and the count of calories burnt. While all the mentioned data is stored in the watch for further reference, the user can always look back into his watch and measure his work out time and calories. This allows him to compare weather his efficiency has increased or decreased from the previous training session.

For athletes the timing feature serves the best. They can always compare if their speed levels are improving or no. There is an additional feature that can be optional to the buyer. The same watch comes with the feature of a heart rate monitor and without it. While you want the feature opt for that version which has it. By heart rate monitor I mean a device which keeps a check on the heart and constantly informs the user about the variations that occur in the working of the heart. This feature is useful for patients with chronic diseases and cholesterol. The construction of this device is very strong which allows the GPS feature to function efficiently even in the midst of thick trees.

Garmin Forerunner 405 Review

The watch uses the new technology of the touch bezel interface. With this, you will have to touch the bezel. The old system of pressing buttons is long gone. A single touch will take you to the history of performance, speed and timing. You do not have to press different combinations of 4 buttons to get want you want.

The Garmin Forerunner 405 has left behind the old technology of connecting cables. You no longer have to connect your phone to the computer using a cable wire. It now uses the wireless technology to transfer the data from the computer to the watch and vice versa. The watch gives you an option of sending the file which after licking on it sends the data to the destined device. Apart from the computer, you can also send the data to your friends and share their data in your watch. You can also post it directly on the internet for your friends online to see it. It also allows you to visit online training websites for you to immediately access the internet and get the required information.

This new version of Garmin watch does not eliminate the older features in it. The Virtual partner is a feature which is instilled in the watch. This feature allows you to set particular aims for your training program and the watch automatically gives you updates about the target that you have to aim for in that particular day.

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