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Garmin Forerunner 405 Wireless GPS-Enabled Sports Watch with Heart Rate Monitor

Garmin Forerunner 405 Wireless GPS-Enabled Sports Watch with Heart Rate Monitor

Product Description


Meet your newest and best workout partner to the Forerunner 405 from Garmin A true stickler for accuracy and output, this little sport watch is combined with an entire training system with GPS capabilities that will keep you on track and working hard Features a heart rate monitor and utilities for monitoring time, distance, pace, and calories; plus data storage (so you can review your progress); and alarms for time and distance goals reached or deviations in pace to should you happen to slack off Features: Monitor your heart rate, time, distance, pace, and calories with a single sport watch-cum-personal trainer as it stores all of the data so that you can review your improvement later Switch between monitoring your calorie use or speed to your GPS monitor by tapping the touch bezel Don’t worry, you’ll always get great reception for your GPS thanks to the unique design provides the antenna a larger view of the sky If you have to pause, or begin a new lap, you don’t have to spend time resetting everything to the Auto Pause and Auto Lap features take care of that for you Record up to 1000 laps worth of lap history and customize your workouts, with Multi-sport, advanced, and simple workout schemes to track your energy output Your best workout buddy, it’ll give you warnings when you deviate from a set pace, and alert you when you’ve reached time or distance goals Compatible with power meters so that you can view data from 3rd party ANT+Sport-enabled power meters Share your data with other Forerunner 405 users easily with the wireless transfer capabilities or automatically download it to your computer with the USB ANT Stick Specifications: Weight to dimensions: 211 ounces to 188 x 278 x 0646 inches Barometric altimeter: no Display size diameter: 106 inches Battery to battery life: rechargeable lithium-ion to 2 weeks (power save mode); 8 hours (training mode) Waypoints to routes: 100 to 0 Click Here for Best Prices

I really looked into all of these, even borrowed one to try out. There is no mapping feature (ie, beeps for turn left, turn right, etc), instead, it will tell me how far I went, but not how to get home. “My husband bought this watch for running. It is full of great features and he loves it but the functionality is another story. I think the price is a little steep for a weekend watch. I disagree with the advert that this watch is sleek enough for everyday wear; it really cannot be considered a dress watch.

This watch excels at heart monitoring, pace, calories burned, run time and distance. It even keeps track of your information by allowing you to wirelessly connect to your pc when within range. We had some issues with this part but it is great when you get it to work properly since it allows you to track your progress and workouts are available for download. This watch also tracks your position using GPS and although it takes a while to lock your position, warming up before a run easily takes care of the time needed. Simply tap on the watch face to access the information needed. How cool is that? We looked at lower priced versions which have buttons instead but most of the same features Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS Receiver With Heart Rate Monitor.

Bottom line, my husband has tried many different types of devices and loves this one despite some quirks. There are cheaper versions of this watch and I wish he had purchased one of them since he only uses it when he runs. When I questioned the purchase, he reminded me of all my shoes. He won that argument.” Being a long time polar user i have struggled a bit learning to use the Garmin. Now that i am starting to get the hang of it i like the overall benefits of being able to map your workouts and the automatic measurements for distance and altitude. “Background:

I’ve been thinking about getting a GPS running watch for quite some time and finally got tired of estimating my speed/distance using a regular watch and Map-My-Run (MMR). I did some relatively brief online research and quickly focused down to the Garmin 305 and Garmin 405. All the reviews seemed to point to the Garmin 305 (users just raved about it), but when I visited a local sports store, I couldn’t get over the size factor of the 305 and so I decided to get the 405. This was even after a friend of mine (a 305 user) said not to get the 405.

Note: My greatest concern about purchasing the 405 was the “”bezel”". Many reviewers complained that it was difficult to use and that if it gets wet (i.e. from sweat), it is nearly impossible to activate.


Out of the box, it took a little while (40 min) for me to learn about the majority functionality and tweak all the setting. This includes the time it took to figure out how to install the software and get it synced with the computer. It wasn’t that difficult, but rather just needed to devote the time to doing it.

My Experience:

This all this said, so far, the Garmin 405 has exceeded my expectations and I am extremely happy with the purchase. My focus for getting the watch was to be able to monitor my speed, distance, and heart rate while running. The watch had delivered perfectly for this. I am also really enjoying the ability to quickly upload a workout to an online website (I prefer the online capabilities b/c I can access from both work and home).

As for the bezel, while it is a bit cumbersome to use, I STRONGLY recommend that when you run, you set the AUTO SCROLL function to “”ON”". This way, you don’t need to even touch the bezel during your run. As an example, I have two data screens that are enabled:

1) Field #1: Time, Lap Pace, Distance
2) Heart-Rate: Heart Rate

(you can customize a bunch of fields and there are tons of different data that you can display)

By putting the auto scroll on, the watch display simply alternates between the two screens which is perfect for me. For an added benefit, you can “”lock”" the bezel so you don’t inadvertantly change the display.

Other Thoughts:

The watch has a lot of functionality that I have still figuring out / exploring. As an example, I created a run using MMR and have been able to export it to the watch. This is a pretty neat feature (as it actually gives you directions on how to follow the track you mapped out). There is also a “”Virtual Parnter”" feature (haven’t yet used), but also seems interesting.

In terms of battery, it’s not bad (can used a few times before requiring a charge).


Highly recommend it. Reasons why I didn’t give it 5 stars was because complexity of setup…
” “I owned the product for about a year and half when (in normal use) one of the straps completely snapped off the body of the device. This was caused by a failure of the internal plastic hinges that hold the strap to the device–they completely snapped in two. When I reported this to Garmin, they sent me a replacement strap, but this was of course completely useless, because there were no longer any hinges to attach the new strap to the device.

With the inability to re-attach the strap, the entire 0 device is now worthless. to me as a runner.

Because Garmin offers only a one-year warranty, I am apparently our of luck. Beware.”

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