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Garmin Forerunner GPS 305 – Great Design, Great Functionality So Make Sure You Get A Great Deal!

Garmin Forerunner GPS 305 - Great Design, Great Functionality So Make Sure You Get A Great Deal!

What’s Behind This Clever Tool

Although the Garmin Forerunner GPS 305 isn’t really promoted as a GPS device, that is, as a navigation aid, it does have some capability in this area because of its basic function mapping device. This includes such features as:

Waypoint mapping

So this means you can mark places on your route as well as finding the current direction and path you are on by zooming in and out of a basic map diagram. One handy feature of the Garmin Forerunner GPS 305 is that it will allow you to backtrack to any point you have logged – whether this is your original starting point or some other place you have specified.

You can of course save all this information in the Garmin 305 for use at a later date to repeat the course or let a friend try it out. This may not be so useful when long range visibility is good or where orientation is not a problem, but in forests, in the bush or out in the hills it will be very useful.

We don’t want to get too concerned with technical stuff because we are after all “End Users”, but the power behind the Garmin Forerunner GPS 305 is the SiRFstar III GPS receiver. According to the “Technos”, this receiver is powerful. Basically what this means is that the device has the ability to:

Track where you are going
Fix on to your position very, very effectively.

When tested with a fully charged battery it took about 3-4 minutes before the Garmin GPS 305 was doing its job and using the satellites to record things like speed, distance covered and position. Often when the test unit was used the time between turning on and receiving was only seconds. Whether running, or on a bike the performance was excellent, and going through forest or bush the Garmin 305 never missed a beat.

The general consensus seems to be that this unit tends to over deliver. It’s great to hear of a product where reality actually exceeds people’s expectations.

Easiest Way to Get a Good Deal?

Well I would have to say online shopping has to be the number one choice for those who want the easiest access to this great product. It really is a no brainer because you can stay at home and from the comfort of a chair do all the investigation you need. The only time you will take is visiting the various sites and deciding which is the best deal.

A better way would be to have this all done for you. Find a site where the best deal has been decided upon already, the work has been done for you! You have just found that site!!!

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