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Garmin Forerunner GPS Watch

Garmin Forerunner GPS Watch

GPS fitness watches have become the gold standard for accuracy, speed and distance with outdoor athletes like runners, cyclists and triathletes. The reason being that they are highly accurate for both speed and distance. When you use a standard heart rate monitor with a foot pod for running and speed detector sensor for cycling has been known to have a margin of error of two percent.

Often the speed sensor detach from the watch itself, so the sensor must be carried or placed on a location on your body. Garmin builds high sensitivity GPS sensors right into their watches. These require no additional sensors or anything else for them to work well for outdoor athletes. However, they are not the only manufactures who have this type of GPS watches, others have started to build them too.

GPS technology is all about accuracy, calculating speed and distance, plus the ability to map the distance travelled using detailed topographical maps or even Google Earth maps. Thanks to nanotechnology you can expect to see more technology in smaller watches in the years ahead.

These watches now also have advanced software programs that are included with them. The software is used to store your data and also to help you chart your progress as you train and try to get faster with each training session. This software is installed on your computer and you actually have to connect the watch using a cradle or a cable to your computer in order to be able to sync the two.

Many outdoor athletes who have tried using these as training aids, have found them very useful and would recommend them to any other athlete out there who would like to track their training sessions and make them more effective. As far as pricing is concerned, you can get yourself a really good reliable one for about one hundred and fifty dollars or even less, sometimes.

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