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GPS Watches for Running

GPS Watches for Running

GPS running watches are a necessity for anyone living an active lifestyle. They allow you to track many different aspects of your workout and almost act as digital coaches. They take the guesswork out of staying in your preferred heart-rate zone, hitting desired distance/time splits, and enable you to concentrate on getting the most out of your run. 

Global Positioning System watches allow you to seamlessly track important metrics like pace, distance run and grade. Heart rate can be tracked via an optional monitor. GPS watches with a foot pod even allow you to keep track of the distance run on a treadmill or in indoor arenas where GPS signals aren’t available. Advanced models can also track calories burned and allow for customizable workouts so you can ensure you achieve your specific goals. 

When running in unfamiliar areas, a GPS running watch will ensure that you never get lost. Create a dynamic route that shows the exact path that you have traveled. Most watches allow you to reverse this path and return to your starting location. Save previous running paths and run favorite routes without worrying about getting lost. 

Purchasing a running watch with Global Positioning System capabilities will give yourself unprecedented control over your workouts. Combine the tracking and navigational ability with the fitness capabilities of the watches created for runners and you have a watch that every serious runner should have. The wrist unit communicates with software on your computer for an after-workout analysis.

Visit to see specs of models and learn more about how the use of one can improve your training.


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