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GPS Watches

Technology has contributed a lot and is still contributing much to make our lives simple. It has eased communication to such an extent that we can be mobile and still stay in touch with each other. It is not only communication that is eased but a lot of other things which are more suitable to the changing needs of the fast paced individuals. One such change is in the way one used to find the directions. Gone are the days when maps and compass were used to find directions. Although such techniques were useful but not accurate as the new age GPS system, which is the most accurate way of finding directions using a digital map. GPS or the Global Positioning System works with the help of satellites orbiting the earth and allows you to use it in many applications other than finding directions.

Although GPS is used with many applications, it has found an all new dimension when used with the wrist watch. Yes! A GPS device included in your wristwatch is not a dream but reality. With the wide use of GPS technology many tech savvy companies have tried and developed a wrist watch which is equipped with GPS. Now there are many companies which offer you a wrist watch with GPS technology. The GPS wrist watches are meant for sportspersons and adventure buffs who want to spend more time in the open. This GPS watch is an expert navigator which can keep anyone on track in the mountains, forests, rivers or lakes without getting lost.

The GPS wrist watches are more or less like wrist computers and do have more than one set of functions. The only thing which you need to understand in the GPS wrist watches is the limited size of the screen and restricted number of keys mean which means that the device must have different modes for displaying sufficient information on each topic on the screen. The downside of such small screen is that you have to change modes al lot during complex operations. For example, if you want to access GPS and you happen to have the altitude mode on, you have to apply a fairly long sequence of keystrokes to go through the menu system. Some of the GPS watches do have as many as five different modes, which are time, altimeter/barometer, compass, GPS navigation and activity mode for measuring speed and distance.

The GPS watches are quite essential if you are planning an outdoor adventure. They are best to guide you to the location which you want to reach. They are also beneficial for trekking and mountaineering with the altimeter feature which keeps you updated on the height. Some of the latest GPS watches also have an Activity mode, which shows you the speed, distance traveled, time from start and other values. Your trail is recorded in the device memory and this information can later be used for the Track Back function, or viewing the route at home via a PC.

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