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Ideas To Make Your Kids GPS Tracking Watch Work

Ideas To Make Your Kids GPS Tracking Watch Work

Kids don’t always like wearing their GPS watches. They can be unwieldy and cause your child to be self-conscious about wearing it. On top of that, kids often lose things that they don’t like wearing (like jackets and mittens) and losing a GPS device can be a big hassle. However, you don’t have to worry about a kid not wanting to wear their device if you can find a way to make wearing their watch fun and exciting.

You can do this by creating wonderful experiences around their GPS tracking watch. To start, purchase the GPS tracking device of your your choice. Then, set a date with your child when you will go on a trip to one of their favorite place. Theme parks or outdoor hiking works best. Before you go introduce your kid to the ideas behind GPS tracking systems, letting them know that the device you have can track where you have been and put it on a map for you to see. Let them know that you are taking this device with you on your trip because you think it will be fun. Instead of having your child wear the watch on this first trip, you wear it. This will give the GPS tracking watch an air of importance and respectability.

As you go about having a grand old time be sure that you reference the watch from time to time. If you are out hiking, stop and observe some plant, animal, or feature of the landscape. As you stop to observe it or as you are walking away from it you can say something very natural like, “I wonder where that spot is, I bet we will be able to tell when we look at our GPS information.” This will build some anticipation in the child for looking at the information that you device is recording.

Once you are home from the trip and have a chance to review the information be sure to site down with you child and review where you went. Be sure to highlight some of the better memories. Did you see any snakes? Were there especially beautiful flowers? Did you take a break under the shade of a 100 year old oak? All these can be talking points with you child and will help cement the idea that a GPS tracking watch can be a fun and interactive way to explore the world.

After that you child should begin to put fun and GPS in the same sentence. This is good if you want them to wear the watch on their own. Doing this once may be enough to get them to wear the watch on their own, but for those that want to go the extra mile in ensuring that their child will use the watch and keep it safe I would advise taking the next step.

In the next step you take the child out again on a fun trip, but this time you let them wear the watch. Do all the same things you did the first time like making mention of the watch and recapping the things that you did a later date. By doing something else that is fun with the child they will begin to take ownership of the kids GPS tracking watch. This ownership is important to develop if you want your child to use the GPS the way that you want them to.

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