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Nadia Bloom Uses Lok8u Personal GPS Watch

Nadia Bloom Uses Lok8u Personal GPS Watch

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LifePROTEKT heard about the disappearance of Nadia Bloom, the beautiful eleven year old girl on the autism spectrum who caused a worldwide sensation when she was lost for four days in an alligator infested swamp area near Wintergreen Florida. At that time, we at LifePROTEKT, like the rest of the world, were saddened as we watched the news coverage and blogged with great hope that she would be found safe. We are delighted that in Nadia case the outcome was one of joy and celebration. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Our company has a strong focus on the commitment to child safety and personal understanding about children with Autism frequently having no sense of danger as part of their diagnosis.

Nadia Bloom now protected by LOK8U GPS watch

The following is an interview conducted with Tanya Bloom, mother of Nadia Bloom (received June 2010)

LifePROTEKT: First tell us how you and your family are doing now that things have
settled down?

Tanya: Is life back to normal yet? ave things settled down?These seem to be the most frequently asked questions of our family. It is an understatement to say that those four days and nights impacted our lives, but we are thankful to say we have settled back into a ew normal Nadia is doing remarkably well considering her ordeal both physically and emotionally. She is currently writing of her experience at our request to help her process those days. Her faith in God to see her through is incredible.  We are so proud of her.  She an amazing young lady.”

LifePROTEKT: Is Nadia acclimated to all the attention she has received?

Tanya: adia enjoyed hearing from her friends, but the attention from the media was a bit overwhelming.  She understood that God did a great thing in her life and quickly learned that there aren too many appystories in the news; but it was still hard to accept the attention.  Overall it has backed off although she still gets recognized at times around the community and has had requests to tell her story via t.v movies and documentaries.”

LifePROTEKT: Were you familiar with personal GPS technology before you received the Lok8u device provided by LifePROTEKT?

Tanya: had heard something, a tracking device to help with people having alzheimers and down syndrome, but didn really know much about it.”

LifePROTEKT: How has the experience been with Nadia using the Lok8u device?

Tanya: It is amazing how it tracks where she has been.  Our first experience was when she was home pulling weeds around the house with her sister and father.  I didn think it would really track since the distance wasn far; but amazed to see it did track her going from the front to the back of our home and when she came in to take a break from the heat.”

LifePROTEKT: Do you feel comforted now that Nadia has a personal GPS safety device?

Tanya: It is nice to know that her Lok8u device is always available to us if we need that extra omfortwhile she is outside.

LifePROTEKT: Do you feel confident that this technology is useful for keeping an extra eye on loved ones that may wander?

Tanya: rom the times we used it, it seems it would be very helpful in tracking a loved one.  Assurance like that is priceless.  Thank you LifeProtekt and Lok8u.”

LifePROTEKT and Lok8u were so touched by the Bloom family horrific experience we awarded Nadia a Lok8U location based GPS watch in efforts to prevent them from ever going through this again.  If anyone is interested in finding out more about the Lok8u device and how it can help with loved ones that wander please go to  It is our hope that one day all those at risk of wandering will utilize this or some other type of location assisted GPS or Radio Frequency technology.

Lou Giuffre, President of LifePROTEKT said, he ability to PROACTIVELY locate an individual that accidently or unlawfully wanders off is an incredible benefit of this technology. We are absolutely delighted that we were able to get the Bloom Family involved in demonstrating our device as it does provide incredible value to the families that may be in need.  The key driver for us is to prevent an alternative ending for the many families who face this terrible kind of wandering event as we are making the caregivers aware of the advanced technology products now available to assist them in keeping their loved ones safe.”

For further information about LifePROTEKT please visit All media inquiries should be directed to Ms. Carolyn Mullins at

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