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Outdoor sports watches introduced

Outdoor sports watches introduced

Outdoor sports watches introduced

Watch from the Development since its main function is to record the time. But with the development of society, its function is no longer just remember when. At the same time with the decoration, that as an extension of other functions. But for outdoor sports lovers, than the shape is more important is the watch that has a variety suitable for outdoor functions.

Currently in the market, outdoor watches, the type of number, but most only have outdoor watch shape, rather than a real sport watches. Here, we have to introduce some real outdoor  Casio watches , SUNNTO, EMPEX, CITIZEN (Citizen), etc..

(CASIO) to enter the Chinese market earlier, it’s G-SHOCK series of early well known, but those who watch more on the side fashion. Land series with anti-mud, anti-magnetic, electronic compass, world time, temperature and other functions, also has an automatic backlight and low battery warning and other auxiliary functions. Ocean series has a 200 meters waterproof, diving records, tidal graph display, automatic light and other functions, suitable for surfing, canoeing and sailing enthusiasts to use. Extreme sports series snowboard, skateboard lovers of choice. In addition to conventional features, the biggest feature is the shock, and resistant to -20 ℃ low temperature.

1999, Casio introduced a can measure the pulse watch, this table with the sensor can detect fingertip hemoglobin activity, and use of test information derived calculated pulse. This design helps the wearer in motion at any time to control their own physical condition, is a very useful function. The Casio latest with GPS features outdoor sports watch is combined with the latest technology to enable the wearer to keep control of their own position in the wild, very practical, is a wonderful outdoor sports watch. The only shortcoming is the price is still relatively high.

Japan, another for outdoor enthusiasts to use a watch – EMPEX, overcome  Casio for sale  in the measurement of altitude on the deficiencies. The watches in the measurement altitude range on a large breakthrough, reaching -999 meters to 9,000 meters (in the Everest top can also be used). And overcome the Casio to 5 meters as a unit of measurement of the defect, to 1 m as the units of measurement. At the same time highly compensation (1,000 meters below the ± 5% ± 5 meters, 1000 meters above ± 3% ± 5 m), with a high degree of record, can record to reach the maximum height. Also has a weather forecast feature, could 8-12 hour weather forecast (but during the typhoon season is invalid). Measuring pressure range 300hpa ~ 1100hpa, 1hpa for the units of measurement. Temperature range from -20 ℃ ~ 50 ℃, 0.1 ℃ for the units of measurement. Strap is velcro design, wear very convenient. Wrist compass to measure direction, with the living water feature, a backlight at night can also be used. Shell material is ABS resin, may replace the battery, weighs only 48 grams.

to choose a very broad majority of outdoor enthusiasts, if not pick dazzled, the best solution would be to combine their needs, and participated in the activities and performance were analyzed. I hope you outdoor enthusiasts can chose for himself to a practical, durable, easy to use outdoor sports watch.






































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