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Look to the Garmin Forerunner 405cx Heart Rate Monitor for Faster Race Times

Look to the Garmin Forerunner 405cx Heart Rate Monitor for Faster Race Times

The Garmin Forerunner 405cx Heart Rate Monitor features a wireless heart rate monitor and a cool GPS sport watch. It performs a number of very useful functions and then wirelessly transmits the results to your computer. This allows you to analyze and compare your present and past performances. It is useful for runners and walkers both outdoors and indoors. An optional add-on will allow cyclists to use the 405CX to record information specific to bikes.

You don’t have to worry about stopping your workout to take your pulse.  The Garmin will automatically record all of your heart rate information wirelessly. If you are running indooors on a treadmill you can use the built-in heart rate measuring device but you have to grab the handles of the treadmill which is a pain. The dial on the watch is brightly lit and is easy to read while running even in dim or low lighting conditions. It’s really easy to maneuver around the display readouts on the 405CX using the bezel touchpad.  This is really intuititive, working like an iPod.

You can track things like heart rate, distance, and pace. You’ll even be able to track elevation changes and how you perform at different altitudes. The heart rate monitor works with the distance, altitude and speed calculations to provide you with the calories burned during your workout. All this data is stored in memory enabling you to see how you are progressing in your fitness workouts.


Garmin has amazing software that lets you plan road courses using Google Earth.  It will even direct you along the way. This machine offers so many ways to track your performances and help keep you progressing. The watch has a feature called Virtual Partner where you can challenge yourself to run harder, faster and more efficiently.

Mixing things up with interval and speed workouts is also really good for your training and the Forerunner can handle that as well. Interval workouts alternate high intensity spurts with slower intervals, a proven way to increase your fitness levels. If you are a multi-sport athlete or just like cross-training, then you can us the Garmin software to keep your sports specific data separate.

When you head out for your run or bike, the GPS will tell you exactly where you are so you don’t ever have to worry about getting lost. Just follow the arrows on the display to get back to where you started or to follow the route you planned.

If you know other athletes with this watch, you can share data with them through the wireless feature. The site is very helpful in tracking your performance data. You can even pick up a training partner on the other side of the world. The online forum is great and very helpful.

The Garmin 405CX comes with a lithium ion battery that users have found to be long lasting. Garmin lists the battery charge at 2 weeks when in standby mode and 8 hours when in use. You can further extend the battery life when you’re using the Forerunner by turning off the GPS function. You get two charging options, the AC charger or the USB port on your computer. The 405cx software is both Windows and Mac compatible.

The Forerunner 405cx is a top performance aid. It will assist any athlete in their efforts to manage and improve their performance, and monitor their heart rate.

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Garmin Forerunner 405 Wireless GPS-Enabled Sports Watch with Heart Rate Monitor

Garmin Forerunner 405 Wireless GPS-Enabled Sports Watch with Heart Rate Monitor

Product Description


Meet your newest and best workout partner to the Forerunner 405 from Garmin A true stickler for accuracy and output, this little sport watch is combined with an entire training system with GPS capabilities that will keep you on track and working hard Features a heart rate monitor and utilities for monitoring time, distance, pace, and calories; plus data storage (so you can review your progress); and alarms for time and distance goals reached or deviations in pace to should you happen to slack off Features: Monitor your heart rate, time, distance, pace, and calories with a single sport watch-cum-personal trainer as it stores all of the data so that you can review your improvement later Switch between monitoring your calorie use or speed to your GPS monitor by tapping the touch bezel Don’t worry, you’ll always get great reception for your GPS thanks to the unique design provides the antenna a larger view of the sky If you have to pause, or begin a new lap, you don’t have to spend time resetting everything to the Auto Pause and Auto Lap features take care of that for you Record up to 1000 laps worth of lap history and customize your workouts, with Multi-sport, advanced, and simple workout schemes to track your energy output Your best workout buddy, it’ll give you warnings when you deviate from a set pace, and alert you when you’ve reached time or distance goals Compatible with power meters so that you can view data from 3rd party ANT+Sport-enabled power meters Share your data with other Forerunner 405 users easily with the wireless transfer capabilities or automatically download it to your computer with the USB ANT Stick Specifications: Weight to dimensions: 211 ounces to 188 x 278 x 0646 inches Barometric altimeter: no Display size diameter: 106 inches Battery to battery life: rechargeable lithium-ion to 2 weeks (power save mode); 8 hours (training mode) Waypoints to routes: 100 to 0 Click Here for Best Prices

I really looked into all of these, even borrowed one to try out. There is no mapping feature (ie, beeps for turn left, turn right, etc), instead, it will tell me how far I went, but not how to get home. “My husband bought this watch for running. It is full of great features and he loves it but the functionality is another story. I think the price is a little steep for a weekend watch. I disagree with the advert that this watch is sleek enough for everyday wear; it really cannot be considered a dress watch.

This watch excels at heart monitoring, pace, calories burned, run time and distance. It even keeps track of your information by allowing you to wirelessly connect to your pc when within range. We had some issues with this part but it is great when you get it to work properly since it allows you to track your progress and workouts are available for download. This watch also tracks your position using GPS and although it takes a while to lock your position, warming up before a run easily takes care of the time needed. Simply tap on the watch face to access the information needed. How cool is that? We looked at lower priced versions which have buttons instead but most of the same features Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS Receiver With Heart Rate Monitor.

Bottom line, my husband has tried many different types of devices and loves this one despite some quirks. There are cheaper versions of this watch and I wish he had purchased one of them since he only uses it when he runs. When I questioned the purchase, he reminded me of all my shoes. He won that argument.” Being a long time polar user i have struggled a bit learning to use the Garmin. Now that i am starting to get the hang of it i like the overall benefits of being able to map your workouts and the automatic measurements for distance and altitude. “Background:

I’ve been thinking about getting a GPS running watch for quite some time and finally got tired of estimating my speed/distance using a regular watch and Map-My-Run (MMR). I did some relatively brief online research and quickly focused down to the Garmin 305 and Garmin 405. All the reviews seemed to point to the Garmin 305 (users just raved about it), but when I visited a local sports store, I couldn’t get over the size factor of the 305 and so I decided to get the 405. This was even after a friend of mine (a 305 user) said not to get the 405.

Note: My greatest concern about purchasing the 405 was the “”bezel”". Many reviewers complained that it was difficult to use and that if it gets wet (i.e. from sweat), it is nearly impossible to activate.


Out of the box, it took a little while (40 min) for me to learn about the majority functionality and tweak all the setting. This includes the time it took to figure out how to install the software and get it synced with the computer. It wasn’t that difficult, but rather just needed to devote the time to doing it.

My Experience:

This all this said, so far, the Garmin 405 has exceeded my expectations and I am extremely happy with the purchase. My focus for getting the watch was to be able to monitor my speed, distance, and heart rate while running. The watch had delivered perfectly for this. I am also really enjoying the ability to quickly upload a workout to an online website (I prefer the online capabilities b/c I can access from both work and home).

As for the bezel, while it is a bit cumbersome to use, I STRONGLY recommend that when you run, you set the AUTO SCROLL function to “”ON”". This way, you don’t need to even touch the bezel during your run. As an example, I have two data screens that are enabled:

1) Field #1: Time, Lap Pace, Distance
2) Heart-Rate: Heart Rate

(you can customize a bunch of fields and there are tons of different data that you can display)

By putting the auto scroll on, the watch display simply alternates between the two screens which is perfect for me. For an added benefit, you can “”lock”" the bezel so you don’t inadvertantly change the display.

Other Thoughts:

The watch has a lot of functionality that I have still figuring out / exploring. As an example, I created a run using MMR and have been able to export it to the watch. This is a pretty neat feature (as it actually gives you directions on how to follow the track you mapped out). There is also a “”Virtual Parnter”" feature (haven’t yet used), but also seems interesting.

In terms of battery, it’s not bad (can used a few times before requiring a charge).


Highly recommend it. Reasons why I didn’t give it 5 stars was because complexity of setup…
” “I owned the product for about a year and half when (in normal use) one of the straps completely snapped off the body of the device. This was caused by a failure of the internal plastic hinges that hold the strap to the device–they completely snapped in two. When I reported this to Garmin, they sent me a replacement strap, but this was of course completely useless, because there were no longer any hinges to attach the new strap to the device.

With the inability to re-attach the strap, the entire 0 device is now worthless. to me as a runner.

Because Garmin offers only a one-year warranty, I am apparently our of luck. Beware.”

Click Here for Best Prices

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Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS Receiver With Heart Rate Monitor

Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS Receiver With Heart Rate Monitor

The Garmin Forerunner 305 is a multi-purpose information system for runners, walkers, cyclists or any endurance athlete. It comes with a GPS receiver and a wireless heart rate monitor to help you fine-tune your workouts according to distance and intensity.

The 305 has a new design that angles the GPS antenna around your wrist to give you better tracking when you’re in areas that normally have trouble locking on to a satellite, such as when you’re close to tall buildings or in a wooded area.

The device allows you to store data from your workouts such as the time and distance you covered, your pace and your average heart rate.

You can upload the data to Garmin Connect to get online mapping of your route, analysis of your training data and interactive graphs to give you a visual record of your training.

It can also be connected to Garmin’s wireless bicycle speed and cadence sensor to provide up to the minute cycling speed and pedal strokes per minute, perfect for cycling enthusiasts.

It’s waterproof and the 305 model is as comfortable to wear as any sports watch, despite its size. The data screens display a surprising amount of data, including heart rate, lap heart rate, and average heart rate as well as time, distance and pace.

For advanced athletes, there are three different options on the “Workouts” menu:

1) Quick Workout: This option allows you to set the distance and time, distance and pace, or time and pace of the workout you want. 
2) Interval: This type of workout involves intermittent repetitions or running or cycling with pre-programmed rest periods in between. 
3) Advanced: The advanced setting lets you set goals for each workout as well as incorporating varied distances, times and rest periods.

The Garmin Forerunner 305 comes with USB connectivity which allows you to upload your training data to your computer whether it’s a PC or a Mac.

Through the training center software, you can track your workouts, graph your improvement and observe trends in your training over time.

Compared to previous models, the 305 is a substantial upgrade which includes a new design, allows faster satellite acquisition and is simple and easy to use.

Click Here to Find the Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS Receiver with Heart Rate Monitor On Sale.

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Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Carrington_Wells


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Heart Rate Monitor Watches – Find the Best Heart Rate Monitor Watches Available Today

Heart Rate Monitor Watches – Find the Best Heart Rate Monitor Watches Available Today

Heart Rate Monitor Watches are everywhere these days. In fact it’s rare to see any group of people exercising without a handful of them checking their heart rate watch every few minutes to check they are working out to their peak heart rate. So what has caused this large increase in heart rate monitor watches? Why have people become obsessed with monitoring their heart rate as they exercise?

First, we have become a great deal more responsive of the importance of cardio vascular routines in our war on heart problems and cardiovascular problems. Keeping our heart beating at the proper rate for best effect is vital and at the moment we have a simple means to make sure we succeed in achieving that perfect heart rate.

The second cause is simple yet obvious. Thanks to heart rate monitor suppliers the heart rate monitor watches have moved from being vital yet high-priced tech for hardcore fitness fans to affordable and readily available kit for someone concerned in working out to their optimal heart rate.

What are the benefits of heart rate monitor watches?

Ultimately heart rate monitor watches offer you a calculation of how fast your heart is pumping as you keep fit, which indicates the intensity of your workout.

Heart rate monitor watches should also tell you how many calories you have used up through your session, so your watch can genuinely aid you reach those calorie burn targets which is a wonderful motivator in itself.

At the moment heart rate monitor watches are used by both expert athletes and individuals the world over in their strength training and strength programmes.

There are literally hundreds of different designs of heart rate monitor watches available on the internet these days from the numerous heart rate monitor manufacturers. So if you’re searching to purchase heart rate monitor watches what must you be looking for? What features make one model better than another?

The major differences between versions of heart rate monitor watches is the information they log and what you can achieve with that information.

So ask yourself, do you require a heart rate monitor watches that simply tells you your heart rate or do you require one with all the bells and whistles like a compass, altimeret, barometer, GPS etc.
Heart Rate Monitor Watches

Heart rate monitor prices: If you want a simple heart rate watch you’ll get one that suits your requirements for under like a Nike heart rate monitor or a Timex heart rate monitor but if you need all the other gizmos you can pay anywhere up to 0 or more.

Personally, I selected a mid range heart rate watch that had more than simply a heart rate monitor but was not overburdened with gadgets either. I did this because I knew if I was going to make an investmet in this piece of gear I might require something I may perhaps get further use out of as my health levels improved and that would encourage me to get the most from the heart rate watch.

When looking to buy heart rate monitor watches, I recommend you check out the designs in your price range that are offered on Amazon.com under heart rate monitor reviews see what users have thought about the numerous designs like a tqr 710 heart rate watch in the buyer comments or on line under heart rate monitor watches review, compare heart rate monitor or buy wrist heart rate monitor.

Clearly if you know anyone who uses one, ask them what they think of the version they bought and if they use all the features. You’d be astonished how many people do not! It is also a pleasant way to start up a talk with that cute fintess fanatic in your neighborhood leisure center!

heart rate monitor watchesAs a minimum I would be shopping for a type that tells you with an alert tone when you dip under or go more than your optimum heart rate. I also like to be aware of the distance, calorie and body fat burn for the workout when heart rate monitor training.

I also like heart rate monitor watches that upload the information to your notebook so you can follow your progress and stats.but I am a nerd for things like that :)

As a final thing to look for when considering selecting heart rate monitor watches, check for a guarantee so you can have satisfaction as you keep fit that the equipment you are sporting is covered if it is faulty.
Heart Rate Monitor Watches

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Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS Receiver With Heart Rate Monitor

Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS Receiver With Heart Rate Monitor

Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS  is THE fitness trainer for your wrist.
Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS, the perfect training partner for joggers, walkers, Nordic walkers, inline skaters, cross-country skiers, snowshoe hikers, rowers, cyclists, and many other athletes.

With GPS technology and a wireless heart rate monitor connected
The Forerunner 305 GPS recorded time, speed, pace, distance, course, altitude and heart rate, calculates your calorie expenditure, shows this data to continuously and records them for later analysis or as the default for all future training. The highly sensitive SiRFstarIII ™ GPS receiver ensures the best reception even under dense foliage in the woods or in built-up urban area …
To use the Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS, no special knowledge of navigation and cartography are necessary – after turning and pressing the Start / Stop button, you can get started right away. So that you are completely independent of known or accurately measured distances, can work even in completely unknown regions, and still get GPS-accurate training data.

Technical Details High-Sensitivity, Watch-Like GPS Receiver That Provides Exceptional Signal Reception 1 Piece Training Assistant That Provides Athletes With Precise Speed, Distance & Pace Data Includes Training Center Software, Which Allows Users To Download Workout Data For A Detailed Analysis Used For Multiple Sports Such As Cycling, Cross- Country Skiing & Windsurfing Data Acquired May Also Be Analyzed With Motionbased, Which Provides Online Mapping & Route Sharing

With his track record
It leads to the Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS while in unfamiliar territory safely back to your starting point. Alternatively, the Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS can also lead to a course record, previously a waypoint or route from point of origin to a different destination….(Read More!)


For more real reviews and product information on this model, visit Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS . For reviews and information on other cool gadgets visit http://best-2buy-garmin-gps.blogspot.com


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How to choose the best heart rate monitor watch online?

How to choose the best heart rate monitor watch online?

Being an athlete is great. Physical activity leads to health and long term benefits. However, most athletes fail to track their progress and then soon enough they will fall off. For this reason, it is suggested that most athletes should get themselves a high quality heart rate monitor watch.

A great heart rate monitor watch will provide many benefits other than just tracking progress. There are a lot of great HRM watches online. If you don’t know much about them it may be difficult to choose the best one.

(However there’s a great site where find the best Timex rate monitor watch reviews, and polar heart rate monitor reviews.)

Here are some quick tips when it comes to choosing the best heart rate monitor watch for you.

Take a look at the features

There may be a lot of fancy features and functions that some of the watches provide, such as GPS, downloadable data, strapped and strapless heart rate monitors. These are all things you may need to consider, but most importantly is deciding what you DON’T need. I for one do not require a GPS on my wrist.

Browse online

I find the best prices for electronics to always be found online. Many stores may not have HRMs for sale, especially not all the various types. Unless you go to a specialty store, the best selection as well as prices is found online. Amazon and ebay are some good choices.

Reviews will give you answers

Heart rate monitor reviews are a key factor to making a good decision, as it breaks down what some products do and what they don’t. For the most part it is a breakdown of features. In terms of quality, most HRMs have very good quality, the only difference may come from the strap durability and accuracy. The majority of the cost will go into extra features mentioned above (GPS, computation etc.). Check here for the best heart rate monitor reviews.


Heart rate monitors are sophisticated devices but do not cost very much if you need it to. A very good Timex HRM such as the Timex t5g971 unisex sports personal heart rate monitor watch only costs within the sub range. Above and beyond 0, you will start seeing advance features and functions. So be aware of what you are buying.

Getting something that suits your needs will be much more beneficial. You can find lots of support online at heart rate monitor review sites.  In order to improve your performance, this little device should be simple, cost effective and support all your needs.


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Gps Watches Help Monitor Five Areas While Training

Gps Watches Help Monitor Five Areas While Training

Just a decade ago runners and walkers would time workouts and them have to figure out how far they ran/walked.  If you didn’t know the distance of workout you may have to get in your car, drive the loop and hope your car measured the distance accurately.  Many don’t realize that often cars are not calibrated accurately.  This could mean the workout is actually longer or shorter than expected sometimes by a tenth or more per mile.  This could significantly affect the result of the workout.  The individual then would have to calculate their pace per mile by dividing the total time run/walked by the distance covered.  If you wanted to see how many calories you burned during the workout once again you have to spend time calculating your weight, distance, speed into calories burned.  The individual then had to keep track of all the data somehow. 

            With a GPS running watch the individual simply turns the watch on and is off to start the workout.  The GPS watch times your run while calculating your pace, distance covered and your calories burned all while you are running.  This information is helpful in keeping the individual running at the pace they should be training at. The individual knows instantly if they are running too fast, how far they have run to the tenth of a mile and total calories burned.  GPS watches are especially useful when you run in an area you are not familiar with.  The GPS tracks your every turn in the city or woods during your workout.   If you become confused just follow the plotted map back the way you came.  GPS watches also store the data for future viewing.  One can look back to see how far they ran on a certain day, week or month.  The Garmin Forerunner 205 Personal Trainer let you download recorded courses and compete against previous workouts.  The GPS watches need to be recharged. The battery life of a GPS watches is usually between 10-13 hours.  With a battery life this long it means you get several workouts in before you have to recharge the watch. The data stored in the GPS watch is not lost even if you let the battery die.

            GPS watches help the individual monitor speed, distance, pace and calories burned during a workout so you can train smarter, more effectively and enjoy the feedback of the latest technology!

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Garmin Forerunner 405 Wireless GPS-Enabled Sports Watch with Heart Rate Monitor

Garmin Forerunner 405 Wireless GPS-Enabled Sports Watch with Heart Rate Monitor

Garmin Forerunner 405 Wireless GPS-Enabled Sports Watch with Heart Rate Monitor

This garmin contains a ton of nice options. It comes established for running. you’ll modification the things dispayed to look at your average pace/mile, total pace, HR, elevation, total time, and total distance. you actually get the chance to customise. you’ll simply modification it to feature bike rides too.

When you come back to home, the information automatically transmits into the computer. Garmin contains a nice web site that tracks all of your goals, weekly totals, and shows your route and stats. you’ll even see people runs/bike rides nearby.

Don’t believe the comment regarding the bezel being tough to use. you must haven’t any reason to wish to dial the bezel throughout runs/rides. the sole factor you would possibly wish to try to to throughout the activity itself is simply go on the aspect to toggle between heart rate and different key stats.

You can very improve your fitness with this item and monitor your results. I wear it daily as a watch and that i haven’t got an outsized wrist. LOVE this item.

The only little gripe I even have is that the battery runs down pretty quickly when coaching – particularly on long rides/runs. A 2-3 hour bike ride can drain regarding 0.5 the battery life. If you exercise half-hour on a daily basis the charge can last one week. Not tough to charge though. nice item and plenty of fun too!

This watch is wonderful. If you fear technology you may not enjoy it. Everything works, just as it says it does. Read the directions. This is purely a luxury item. A stopwatch and google’s pedometer or mapmyrun.com works well too. It’s all in the eye of the runner it seems.

See Garmin Forerunner 405 Wireless GPS-Enabled Sports Watch

So Great!!
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