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Look to the Garmin Forerunner 405cx Heart Rate Monitor for Faster Race Times

Look to the Garmin Forerunner 405cx Heart Rate Monitor for Faster Race Times

The Garmin Forerunner 405cx Heart Rate Monitor features a wireless heart rate monitor and a cool GPS sport watch. It performs a number of very useful functions and then wirelessly transmits the results to your computer. This allows you to analyze and compare your present and past performances. It is useful for runners and walkers both outdoors and indoors. An optional add-on will allow cyclists to use the 405CX to record information specific to bikes.

You don’t have to worry about stopping your workout to take your pulse.  The Garmin will automatically record all of your heart rate information wirelessly. If you are running indooors on a treadmill you can use the built-in heart rate measuring device but you have to grab the handles of the treadmill which is a pain. The dial on the watch is brightly lit and is easy to read while running even in dim or low lighting conditions. It’s really easy to maneuver around the display readouts on the 405CX using the bezel touchpad.  This is really intuititive, working like an iPod.

You can track things like heart rate, distance, and pace. You’ll even be able to track elevation changes and how you perform at different altitudes. The heart rate monitor works with the distance, altitude and speed calculations to provide you with the calories burned during your workout. All this data is stored in memory enabling you to see how you are progressing in your fitness workouts.


Garmin has amazing software that lets you plan road courses using Google Earth.  It will even direct you along the way. This machine offers so many ways to track your performances and help keep you progressing. The watch has a feature called Virtual Partner where you can challenge yourself to run harder, faster and more efficiently.

Mixing things up with interval and speed workouts is also really good for your training and the Forerunner can handle that as well. Interval workouts alternate high intensity spurts with slower intervals, a proven way to increase your fitness levels. If you are a multi-sport athlete or just like cross-training, then you can us the Garmin software to keep your sports specific data separate.

When you head out for your run or bike, the GPS will tell you exactly where you are so you don’t ever have to worry about getting lost. Just follow the arrows on the display to get back to where you started or to follow the route you planned.

If you know other athletes with this watch, you can share data with them through the wireless feature. The site is very helpful in tracking your performance data. You can even pick up a training partner on the other side of the world. The online forum is great and very helpful.

The Garmin 405CX comes with a lithium ion battery that users have found to be long lasting. Garmin lists the battery charge at 2 weeks when in standby mode and 8 hours when in use. You can further extend the battery life when you’re using the Forerunner by turning off the GPS function. You get two charging options, the AC charger or the USB port on your computer. The 405cx software is both Windows and Mac compatible.

The Forerunner 405cx is a top performance aid. It will assist any athlete in their efforts to manage and improve their performance, and monitor their heart rate.

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The Best GPS Running Watch — Who Wins The Race?

The Best GPS Running Watch — Who Wins The Race?

The Best GPS Running Watch — Who Wins The Race?

As the gun goes off, three popular GPS running watches explode out of the box and head for the finish line. In the first lane, we have the Timex Speed Distance watch. The second lane belongs to the Suuno X9M/I GPS watch, and the third competitor is the Garmin Forerunner Series of GPS watches. But which of these three mighty competitors will finish first? The truth is — they all come out on top for their features and price points. Let’s take a quick look at each GPS running watch.

At the low end of the price scale, you’ll find the Timex Speed-Distance watch. One of the primary benefits of this sports watch is its ability to provide precise measurement. It not only measures speed and distance, but altitude as well. You might appreciate its auto pause feature, as well as its lap and target speed settings. Running at night is no problem, as the Indiglo night light provides a nice uniform glow of the surface of the dial. The watch contains a built-in GPS receiver that sends speed and distance data directly to the synchronized digital FM signal for visual display.

Runners will really appreciate the auto lap feature on the Timex Speed-Distance watch. This feature provides a programmed log of each lap that you travel, allowing you to focus on speed work. The auto pause feature allows you to hit the pause tab when you have to stop running — it picks up again as soon as you resume your run

Moving up the price scale, we find the Suunto X9M/I GPS watch.  It is a visually stunning watch, with a black-on-black color palette and a red backlight for night use. Highlights also include a three-hundred-sixty degree compass, as well as 6400 MILS bearing display. If you wan to take off for a run without a predetermined route, the Suuno watch will record your position, speed and distance traveled. If necessary, it will even provide a guide to return you to your original position. You can use the digital mapping feature to track landmarks along your route, or use the uploadable preplanned routes to map out a new running course.

With more feature than the Timex, the Suunto X9M/I GPS watch is easily regarded as one of the best choices for GPS running watches. However, the clear favorite seems to be Garmin’s forerunner series of GPS watches.

The Garmin Forerunner 305 was the heavyweight in its weight class for quite a while. But the Forerunner 405 was introduced recently and is quickly becoming the go-to favorite for serious sports enthusiasts. The 405 is lightweight but feature-packed. It boasts a heart rate monitor and can be connected to your PC via a USB connection to easily track your stats. With more features, it’s obviously a bit more expensive that the Timex or Suuno, but it actually more affordable than the similar Timex Body Link.

You will have to determine which of these watches are best suited to your workout needs and financials budget, but you can rest assured that each of them will keep you on track — and on time!

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