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The Garmin GPS For Runners

The Garmin GPS For Runners

For runners in need of a more complex running tool, Garmin offers a high performance line of personal trainers. The Garmin Forerunner 305 includes a high sensitivity GPS receiver and a wireless heart rate monitor to enable the user to have the most optimal performance achievable.

The Forerunner 305 is s small device providing GPS for runners. It has a GPS antenna that wraps around the wrist for a better sky view. The GPS receiver is able to provide accurate speed and distance information and better tracking when under trees and large buildings. It is complete with an ANT wireless heart rate monitor, comfortable chest strap and excellent battery life. Cross talk with other devices is eliminated and it measures reliable heart rate info to help you train in your desired heart rate zone. This GPS for runners, allows you to self compete against prior workouts. You are able to compare your pace and heart rate for a particular run against previous workouts. Garmin’s Forerunner 305 will also let you transition between sports without having to reset the device. This means it can be used to train for triathlons or multi sport workouts and switch over seamlessly to running, biking and more. If you are training indoors, you will still be able to track your distance, your pace and your calories burned with the optional Foot Pod accessory. The wireless sensor can attach to your shoe and will transmit your data to your unit even when your GPS for runners reception is not available.

This device has three main data screens which can be customized so that up to twelve data fields can provide you with instant workout feedback. Your workouts are all stored in the devices memory. This allows the user to review their workout data to see how and where they have improved.

The Garmin Forerunner 305 is great device for sports and outdoor enthusiasts alike. The GPS is a great tool for runners, joggers and outdoor hikers while providing the latest technology for those wanting to train hard. This is a great product at a great price with the great Garmin name.

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The Ultimate GPS Watches for Runners

The Ultimate GPS Watches for Runners

What are the ultimate GPS watches for runners? If you’re an avid runner than you probably run at every opportunity and don’t let either rain or other elements get in the way. There are many runners who also will run in any type of terrain as well as both city and outback locations. These types of avid runners would do well to know where they’re running, how far they’ve run and where they’re headed. There was a recent story of a woman athlete who was training in some remote area of Arizona and got lost on a trail that she thought was a loop. Unfortunately, it was not, she got lost and didn’t make it back to her final destination. Fortunately, rescue crew found her safe after having gone missing for 36 hours.

This type of scenario is, of course, worst case. But, it illustrates the importance of certain safety precautions. These precautions of course include advising others of your training route, but you would do well to have a watch with GPS functionality as well. These types of watches are so incredibly accurate that they’re almost scary. In a pinch, they can certainly save your life.

The ultimate GPS watches for runners are not only those that have GPS functionality, but also many of the other features those digital watches are well known for, such as stopwatch and timer functions. The best GPS watches have a relatively small footprint and also include some type of compass. The reason why a compass is useful is just in case that cloud covering obscures the satellite transmission and the GPS is not able to track accurately. These compasses can be either analog or digital. Usually the analog ones are featured on the strap of the watch, while the digital compass is part of the watch face.

There are other reasons why a GPS function is useful and not necessarily just for running. Let’s say that you are in a city environment and parked your car in a certain location. With the GPS function you can mark the location of your car so that you can find your way back to it. Some GPS features on these watches also allow you to create waypoints so that you can mark multiple locations wherever you may be traveling. It really makes of a great combination.

Many avid runners like to monitor distance, altitude and other terrain related components. With these types of devices it makes it easy to keep track of your progress to figure out how to maximize your workout routine. There is no better time than now to investigate these types of watches, because technology has gotten better, cheaper and faster than their predecessors.

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Top 3 GPS Runners Watch

Top 3 GPS Runners Watch

Top 3 GPS Runners Watch

It seems that one of the top three GPS runners watch at the moment is the latest Timex Speed-Distance. The watch seems to be used widely by athletes as it provides them with precise measurements during workouts. This particular GPS watch offers benefits such as speed measurement and distance as well as altitude measurement. It has an auto pause feature along with a lap and target speed, and even pace alarms. The Indiglo night-light uniformly lights the surface of the watch dial .There is also target distance alerts and navigation. . GPS transceiver calculates speed and distance data and transmits to watch with synchronized Digital FM Signal for display

The Timex has a speed measurement, which displays your speed in various formats, such as kph, etc. The auto lap is a programmed log of each lap you travel during running time and you can use this feature to work on your speed. Auto pause is a good facet because if, for example, you have to stop running for some reason or another you can hit the pause tab. You can cease timing your run and it will pick up where you left off when you resume.

Another of the top three GPS runners watch is the SUUNTO X9M/I GPS watch. Some of it’s interesting deatures are : 360 Degree Compass, 6400 MILS bearing display , Black on Black coloring, Red Backlight for safe use at night . One can head out into the field without a preset route, and use X9M/i to keep track of position, speed, and distance traveled. It will record progression, which can be saved for later analysis, as well as use as a guide to return to original position. This particular watch will track the waypoints along the runner’s route and has software included for digital mapping. It also tracks the speed, altitude and distance as well as the weather while you ski, climb or hike through trials. There are uploadable preplan routes.

It is obvious the second choice has a few more points and capabilities, which makes it one of the top GPS watches for runners.

However, The Garmin’s forerunner 305 appears to be the best option. It weighs about 2.7 oz, 2.1 in wide and tracks your last step since a map is available. The Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS receiver with heart rate monitor is great when it comes to connecting it with a PC through a USB connector for saving your records and data. The best part is that there is no issues with the GPS signals as other brands have. Compared to Timex’s Body link this watch is much more affordable and has been fully tested and competed against Timex. You can strap the watch to your arm and it will monitor your heart rate.

Each of the top three GPS runners watch has something unique to offer, yet buyers should always compare each product closely.

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