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Welcome to the World of GPS Running and Navigation watches !

Welcome to the World of GPS Running and Navigation watches !

Welcome to the World of GPS Running and Navigation watches !

We’ve all shared with our friends how cool our GPS is in our car, how we’ve picked our favorite voices and vehicle icon and how we’ve all named them (mine’s Emily!).  And we’re still amazed that they can help us find that great little Chinese restaurant that’s tucked in that downtown side street.  But now there are these GPS watches. 

So, what’s up with these you may ask?  Well, I’ll tell you.  Whether you’re looking to maximize the efficiency of your workouts or runs or looking for an accurate and safe way to direct you off the lake or out of the woods a watch with GPS functions may be just what you need.

GPS Sports Watch: 

Probably the first type of GPS watches to find mass appeal is the athletic or fitness watch.  This little goodie is perfect for a variety of different sports and outdoor activities, especially those where tracking your speed and movement is of some value.  These “runners’” or “running” watches are a sports watch and a distance tracker that also shows your current speed.  Recreational joggers and elite runners alike will be amazed at the training tools available to them in a watch that could easily be worn all day.

Being able to keep track of your pace can also be extremely advantageous in a sport like running or cycling where speed is of the essence.  Also important is knowing the overall distance you have covered in the course of a workout and a GPS running watch can tell you just that.  Many GPS sport watches have a number of features that can help you keep track of your total work out and even the number of doughnuts (calories) you worked off! 



But runners aren’t the only ones who can reap the benefits of GPS.  Some GPS navigation watches have features that can guide you to local landmarks, help you find your way back to your starting point if you get off course or to an indicated marker you set along your travels.  Some GPS wrist devices also have maps with slightly larger viewing areas to better see the details.  GPS can also tell you the direction you are facing while moving and direct you to a ‘signpost’ along the way.

Then, once home, you can download your tracking data on to your PC or laptop for reviewing in more detail with a traditional mapping software application.  And, the reverse action can be done on your PC by making a set of markers and coordinates (like cyber Reece’s pieces) on a map and then transferred into the watch.  Pretty nifty.

If you want features like a good ‘old fashioned’ compass, thermometer or barometer, there are plenty of outdoors or navigations watches that provide that, too.  Throw in a barometric altimeter for elevation info and you’re all set.

So there’s a VERY quick recap of some of the more popular GPS Watch features and benefits for the serious (and maybe not so serious) fitness enthusiast and outdoorsy folks like hunters and hikers.  Whatever you may be, with a little looking you can find a GPS Watch to fit your interest and wallet.

Although not much of a fitness fanatic, Larry Peterson is an avid golfer, sometime fisherman and full-time dad and co-owner with his wife, Sherry, of http://www.GPSWatchesStore.com.  This site can be your best resource for GPS Watchesof all types and styles from Running Watches to Navigation Watches and from GPS Golf Watches to GPS Child Locater Watches.  

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