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The Advantages of having a Running GPS Watch

The Advantages of having a Running GPS Watch

One of the greatest in technological advances made for the millions of individuals who enjoy partaking in the outdoor sport of running is the running GPS watch. GPS watches have numerous features that are advantageous not only for the individuals who like to keep records of their performance, but also for those keeping track of their level of fitness or simply for navigational purposes. In this article on GPS watches, you will learn the uses of the many features available as well as the benefits of these high tech devices.

The Different Features Available on Running GPS Watches

The primary feature of GPS watches or “Global Positioning System” watches is their ability to determine exact positions, velocity, and the precise time by using a satellite network placed in orbit. There are many different features that are beneficial for runners on the latest GPS sports watches including the speed that the individual is running which can be seen in real time and is typically measured in KPH (kilometers per hour) or MPH (miles per hour). The total distance can also be calculated as well as alerts preset for a sound to go off at certain specified distances which is beneficial particularly to the runners who participate in marathons or similar types of events.


These watches also keep track of the total distance ran in a week, a month, or even a year. Some GPS watches are equipped with an altimeter function that will display the gains or losses in elevation during a run as well as the altitude rate of ascent or decent and also have an alarm that can be set to activate when a certain altitude or elevation is reached. Running watches may also have a lap storage feature that records split lap times allowing the runner to see the individual lap times as well as the overall total times. Many GPS running watches also have the ability to monitor an individual’s heart rate or determine the number of calories burned during exercise.

The Benefits of Owning a GPS Watch

GPS watches provide many benefits for the user with the primary benefit being the ability to navigate through new trails or other unknown territory without becoming lost. GPS sports watches can also help you to monitor your exercise programs or training schedule with programs that are available and can be downloaded directly into the watch. These watches are also beneficial for safety when exploring unknown territory not only for the wearer to determine their location, but also a friend or loved one when downloading the optional programmable features that allows them to view your location.

GPS watches are relatively simple to utilize and many have the capability of wirelessly transmitting your recorded data to share with a friend or competitor. With these latest innovations in electronic technology, keeping track of athletic performance in order to help improve your abilities has never been easier. The running GPS watches are gaining popularity among both amateur and professional athletes alike and with a wide range of variety and styles available for both men and women; you will have no problem selecting one to satisfy your needs.


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