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Timex Gps Watch – Try Now

Timex Gps Watch – Try Now

GPS running watches are a great example of crossover between the technological and the athletic. They look like regular digital watches that one might wear when exercising, but they include a GPS transmitter, to help you track your run. Many of the best of these watches have high end features that let you track your workout, set goals, and monitor your progress as you go.


The best equipment can help make hard physical training a little easier. While good training shoes and fabrics that breath can make exerting physical effort more comfortable, the best technology can handle much of the hard work in tracking and comparing results. For runners, cyclists and any sport that involves moving from point A to point B in quick time, a Timex Gps Watch can be a beneficial tool, providing you with valuable feedback on how you are performing and storing performance statistics for later comparison.


For example, some watches come with settings that keep track of the speed of your run across your workout. Based on your location and how fast that location changes, the watch’s internal components monitor and constantly calculate how fast you are moving.


The Suunto Training Series watches offer a different set of features to the Timex GPS system and any one of these might be considered one of the “best GPS running watches”, but there is a more popular brand of GPS watch that is a clear favorite amongst athletes and runners everywhere. This watch would be the Garmin Forerunner line of GPS watches.


Timex Gps Watch require an external GPS device be mounted on the wearer’s body, which transmits data wirelessly to the wrist watch via a digital FM signal. The Timex Speed and Distance model measures horizontal speed and distance, but unlike the more expensive Timex Bodylink GPS system, cannot measure altitude.


Another GPS watch system for runners is the Suunto Training series watches. The Training series watches is a series of three GPS enabled watches, the T3C, T4C and T6C. These watches also utilize an external, wireless GPS device and unlike the Timex Gps Watch feature “Training Effect”, an accurate indicator of the actual fitness benefit of a workout.


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